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Over 10 years ago during the Harrisburg Outdoors Show, my wife We met Hannes and Geraldine du Plessis of Bergzicht Game Lodge, and immediately we clicked. We were ready for Namibia. And little did Hannes and Geraldine, plus family, know what they were in for! As with many adventures, we began as strangers, and over time became friends.

Hunting And Romance In Namibia

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Interview with Owner & PH Hannes du Plessis

Hannes du Plessis – a genuine professional in every sense of the word.


The Green Economy Award went to Hannes du Plessis host and professional hunter of Bergzicht Game Lodge

WRSA acknowledges the efforts of SA's wildlife ranchers

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Two people go on a hunt together – one a seasoned hunter, the other a new huntress. Both have the same experience, but each extracts a different take on that experience…

New Huntress, Old Hunter

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Interview with PH Stephan Joubert

PH Stephan Joubert, UK's loss, Namibia's gain


Right from the start it was part of our mission to make productive use of our resources, and it is vitally important to us to contribute to the social wellbeing of our local community. Therefore, almost every safari is part of a meat donation program to the local school.

Trophy meat gets utilized in every sense of the word


Your host, Hannes du Plessis, owner of Bergzicht Game Lodge, and his family will make sure that your memories in this beautiful country will last a lifetime!

For an unforgettable African plains game hunting safari